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Young Engineers Get Creative with Cummins

Engineering workshops including problem-solving and creativity enthralled children of all ages at Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

The special STEAM day - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths – was co-ordinated by Cummins Power who have held several sessions with pupils in the last year.

Specific tasks were varied and were designed to encourage team building and communication and well as thinking how best to solve tricky problems against the clock.

In one workshop, Year 4 and 5 pupils had bare essential resources including straws, tape, disposable cups and polythene to create a craft that would float when laden with 25 one penny coins.

Meanwhile Reception children made marbled cards, Year 1 pupils made paper circuits with arts designs, and Years 2 and 3 created life-size building blocks and structures.

Year 6 children joined the Cummins team in celebrating the recent International Women in Engineering Day, with the aim of the workshop to inspire pupils to want to find out more about engineering. They drew and wrote about projects they think would be useful to design in the future.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “Our children have really enjoyed their voyage of discovery with the Cummins leaders.

“Our boys and girls of all ages have enhanced a lot of their creative, design and inter-personal skills.

“Engineering is a fascinating area for our pupils to investigate as part of their STEAM learning and I know that they are interested in finding out more about the various careers that involve these subjects.

“Cummins always provide challenging and fun activities and it was great to see our main hall buzzing with the activity workshops throughout the day.”

Ramsgate Arts Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School and Chilton Primary School.


*For more information, contact Mr Budge on 01843 582847