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Children’s Wings of Hope and Protection – A Public Thank You

A huge pair of rainbow coloured wings to say a public thank you to frontline teams during the pandemic has been created by children of key workers.

Boys and girls from the Viking Academy Trust schools – Upton Juniors, Chilton Primary, and Ramsgate Arts Primary – joined forces to design and paint the symbolic gesture.

The children are all being taught in separate school groups with their own teachers at Ramsgate Arts Primary in Newington Road, Ramsgate, during the lockdown.

They joined together to create parts of the colourful art installation which is now proudly fixed to the front of the RAPS site.

Michaela Lewis, Executive Head Teacher of the Viking Academy Trust, said: “We are united in our support for those who strive against the odds day by day, minute by minute, throughout this pandemic.

“And our children from the three trust schools are united in created a symbolic message for all to see – the wings are spread wide, encompassing the protection that we are being given nationwide and around the globe by those essential workers who are tending the sick and vulnerable, keeping us safe, ensuring vital supplies are reaching those in need, and protecting us in our time of greatest need.

“Our children wanted to do something to show their support – this is a perfect way to do it.”

RAPS Head of School Nick Budge said: “Ramsgate Arts Primary was chosen to be the central hub for our key workers’ children during lockdown as it is equidistant between all of our schools.

“The system has been working very well since the March 20 social lockdown. All our pupils are enjoying a host of diverse learning sessions and activities. We are also holding breakfast clubs and after school sessions as normal.

“The rainbow wings were constructed from plywood. The bright and bold rainbow colours were painted on it acrylics and the installation was then given a protective coat of tough clear varnish.

“The wings are a simple message to illustrate our feelings and echo the sentiments of millions – and when the time is right, we will spread our wings and fly onwards with hope and thanks.”

It is envisaged that the wings will remain on permanent display inside the school when the time comes to remove them from the school’s frontage.

To find out more, contact Executive Head Teacher Michaela Lewis or Head of RAPS Nick Budge on 01843 582847.