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What are assemblies?

Assemblies are an opportunity for key stage one and two to come together for collective thinking*.  At Ramsgate Arts Primary School, we usually host assemblies four times per week. Assemblies usually begin at 9am and last around 20-30 minutes. Our assemblies are held in the main hall.

*Reception pupils join some key assemblies throughout the school year.

Why do we host assemblies?

Assemblies provide us with a great opportunity to come together collectively as a school family. They allow us to:

  • Share key messages.
  • Discuss, debate and reflect.
  • Learn.
  • Meet new people or explore new concepts.
  • Perform, compete and celebrate.

How are assemblies at RAPS organised?

The assemblies we host are carefully mapped across the academic year. We aim to maximise the use of our assembly slots by ensuring consideration is given to a range of themes. Although of course not every special occasion can be marked through an assembly, we aim to celebrate key National or International dates of significance. These might alter from year to year in order for pupils to access wider experiences and knowledge (as opposed to repeating the same content year on year!). Provided below is a typical example of a yearly assembly overview at Ramsgate Arts Primary School (based on the year 2019-2020). Each term, staff are also provided with a detailed assembly rota which outlines the assemblies for each day of the term. If you would like a copy of this rota, please do ask a member of the team. As with the nature of all schools, there is always a lot going on so the overviews are subject to change as events arise throughout the school year. 

Who leads the assemblies at RAPS?

Assemblies at Ramsgate Arts Primary School are led by a variety of people including: school staff, pupils or classes, special visitors and parents. We believe that engaging the community by asking them to host assemblies is a great way to connect our pupils with new people or concepts. This keeps our assemblies interesting, content-driven and relevant.

Can parents attend assemblies?

Some assemblies are suitable for parents to attend. These are usually performance assemblies. When the time arises, parents will be informed about any assemblies to which they are invited.