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Religious Education

What Is Religious Education?

Religious Education (or RE) is a fascinating and significant subject for young people to learn. At Ramsgate Arts Primary School, we know the value of understanding ourselves and others, and this is what good RE lessons are all about. If young people can move into adulthood with a wide understanding of the world we live in, this will help them feel prepared and confident to navigate their way through life.

Through the teaching of RE, it is our intention that pupils at Ramsgate Arts Primary School develop a knowledge and understanding of both their own beliefs and practices, and the beliefs and practices of others too.

Our aims include-

  • enabling each pupil to explore our shared human experience and the questions of meaning and purpose which arise from our experiences
  • developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of religion through exploration of the beliefs and practices of the principal world faiths represented in Kent and Great Britain
  • affirming each pupil in her/his own family tradition, religious or non-faith, and through that to promote awareness, respect and sensitivity for the traditions of other people
  • providing opportunities for the cultivation of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • supporting pupils in reflecting and thinking about fundamental human beliefs and values so that they develop a personal framework by which they can live

How is Religious Education implemented at Ramsgate Arts Primary School?

At RAPS, we teach discrete RE lessons from Reception to Year 6. These lessons are taught during Personal Development Weeks each term.

In addition to discrete lessons, the key drivers for RE-such as understanding, appreciating and respecting others’ faiths- are interweaved into all we do at RAPS, as well as embedded through the teaching of the Core and British Values.

To read in more detail about RE at Ramsgate Arts Primary School, including what is taught and how, please see our RE policy at the end of this webpage. 

Through the teaching of Religious Education, our pupils-

  • Learn about religion. For example, by developing knowledge and understanding of the ‘6 big’ religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism). This includes enquiry into the nature of religion, the range of beliefs, teachings and ways of life, sources, practices and forms of expression.
  • Learn from religion. This focuses on developing pupils’ reflection on and in response to their own and other’s experiences in the light of their learning about religion. Pupils should develop the skills of application, interpretation and evaluation of what they have learned about religions. Pupils should learn to communicate their own ideas, particularly in relation to questions of identity and belonging, meaning, purpose and truth, values and commitments.


Below are some websites that can be used to help parents/carers and children with their RE learning. 


Click The Icon  Name of Website Website Details

Primary Homework Help Information about the Big 6 Religions aimed at Key Stage 2

Top Marks A website with many links to other sites that provide learning and games related to RE.

The School Run  Information for parents and carers about the teaching of RE.
BBC Bitesize  Video clips and information about the Big 6 Religions for Years 1 and 2.

BBC Bitesize Video clips and information about the Big 6 Religions for Years 3-6.