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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 2

Summer Term

Wow! I can’t believe we are already into term 5! I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and are ready and raring for this term!  It will be very busy term, but I for one cannot wait!


In Year 2 over the next few weeks teachers will be making formal assessments. This is kept very low key, is part of normal classroom activities and we try to avoid the word test. In Key stage 1 the SATS materials are used to confirm our teacher assessment only. Teacher assessment is based upon performance as a whole over a period of time. It is not just about the formal assessments that are made over the next few weeks or how a child performs on one particular day. We will make teacher assessments in literacy and numeracy. The children are given the opportunity to become familiar with these assessment materials and procedures. This has been on-going over the year. Most of the tasks are just like activities they experience each week and can be based on the class theme. At times the teaching day and the children may be organised differently to accommodate how assessments are carried out. As a school we ensure that this is done in a calm and positive way to ensure that all children feel comfortable. I will endeavour this a stress free time and ask that you support us with this. If you have any questions then please come and see me.

Morning Routine and Book Bags:

In Year 2 we encourage the children’s independence. Please continue to say goodbye to your child at the door and encourage them to complete their morning routines. Please encourage them to put their book bags in the box by the door and we will aim to have them changed by the end of the day. If by any chance the book bags are not changed in time or your child has been given a duplicate book, I do encourage you to log into the Bug Club website set up last year. It has all books appropriate to your child’s reading ability in a fun and interactive online format. There are also comprehension questions for your child to answer which will heighten their understanding if they have read the book before. Please do write all books read online, school books and home books in your child’s reading record. All books will be added to your child’s score on the reading race, remember first to 100 wins a prize!


At Ramsgate Arts Primary School our English curriculum is based around a core text. The children will share the book together in Reciprocal Reading sessions and will complete written tasks linked to this, specific to a particular genre. In English this term we will be studying the texts, The Lonely Beast and The Magic Finger. 2 fantastic texts, that I greatly encourage you to ask your child about at home. The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl is a longer text than books the children have previously read, therefore discussions at home will support our learning in school.


Every week, on a Monday, I set 10 spellings for your child to learn. They are vital in assisting their writing, please help your child by giving them regular tests at home and helping them fill in their sheet. I will then test the children the following Monday.

Read Write Inc:

RWI has had a huge impact on the reading and writing of children in Year 2. It is lovely to see the children so engaged with the scheme and it paying dividends in both their reading and their writing. Thank you for your continued support with this at home.


We are continuing to introduce cursive writing to some of the children in Year 2. When they can confidently form their letters accurately, we encourage them to join with ‘lead outs’. This is very new to the children so you may notice them experimenting with different styles! Please ask if you have any questions.


Maths is taught in blocks which focus on different areas of learning. These blocks vary in length. There is a focus on maths daily and Maths can be taught through practical activities.

This term in maths we are focussing on:

Week 1: Number and Place Value

Week 2: Addition and Subtraction

Week 3: Geometry

Week 4: Fractions

Week 5: Money

Week 6: Time


Please continue to help children practise key mathematical skills, such as mental addition and subtraction problems and 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC-Topic)

We are now using the International Primary Curriculum at RAPS which is “an engaging, rigorous and internationally minded thematic approach to learning”. This is an exciting approach which will allow children to learn with real purpose and to make clear links between subjects. A number of different units will be studied throughout the year and these will last for different amounts of time (and will therefore not last the entire term as in previous years). Using the IPC means that children will not study every subject, every week. Areas of learning are blocked, so one block of lessons may focus on science before moving on to a block on geography and then art etc.

This term our topic is called ‘Earth, Our Home’. During this unit we will be learning about habitats and micro habitats. I am very much looking forward to our upcoming trip to Wildwood Trust. Please ensure, you have returned all forms to Mrs Brown in the office.


PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

It is important that children have a full PE kit in school at all times in a named bag. This includes black or blue shorts and white t-shirt for indoor PE and black or blue jogging bottoms, sweatshirt or tracksuit top and suitable trainers for outdoor lessons. Children will be expected to change their footwear for all PE lessons. The weather has to be severely inclement for lessons not to go ahead so please ensure that your child is well equipped and warm in cold weather! To reduce the likelihood of items going missing, please label everything with your child’s name and surname. For PE lessons and sport: whilst we would encourage children to not wear earrings on PE days, they can still participate if they have earrings in – we will ask them to cover their earrings with ‘micropore tape’ for their own safety.


Our school uniform exists both for health and safety reasons and to develop a sense of pride and responsibility in being a member of the Ramsgate Arts Primary School.  The uniform policy includes the expectation that all children will wear black school shoes (trainers are not acceptable footwear), that long hair should be tied back at all times and that, with the exception of a watch and a pair of small stud earrings, no jewellery may be worn by children. Please also be aware that JoJo bows and other big and colourful Alice bands/scrunchies are not allowed.  We also ask you to remember that children should not be wearing any make-up, temporary tattoos or nail varnish to school and hair styles should not be extreme – this includes unnatural hair colours.  The school’s uniform policy is listed in the school’s prospectus and if you would like another copy, please ask at the school office.  Please ensure your child is dressed according to this policy and that all items of clothing are clearly named.

Team Rees-Boughton Blog

Please check the Ramsgate Arts Primary School website regularly to find out more what Team R-B have been up to using our class blog. The blog will be updated regularly and will give you information about the fun activities we have completed in school when we are too tired to tell you when you ask us at the end of the day! It will also have homework and other important messages too!

Open Afternoon

Every Monday is ‘Open Afternoon’ in Year 2.  You are very welcome to join your child in the classroom and explore some stories together. This session begins at 2:45 and finishes at approximately 3:00 pm. Please feel free to bring younger siblings to this session.

General Messages:

Sipping water throughout the day aids concentration and learning, especially in the upcoming warmer months. Please provide your child with a water bottle which they may keep with them throughout the day. Please ensure that it contains only water and NO juice/squash.

It is vital that pupils arrive at school on time and that absence is kept to a minimum.  Frequent lateness and absences can have a huge negative impact on a child’s learning so please try to have your child in school by 8.30am every day. 

It is vital that pupils arrive at school on time and that absence is kept to a minimum. Frequent lateness and absences can have a huge negative impact on a child’s learning so please have your child in school by 8.20am every day.

Many thanks,

Miss Alice Rees-Boughton

Year 2 Teacher

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