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Monday 22.6.20

I hope you had a good weekend. Here is today's home learning!

Maths- Long division: Go through the PowerPoint and revise long division. Then answer the questions on the Word document. 

English- You are going to have a go at some creative writing. This is an opportunity for you to write your own story! I have written the first line, all you have to do is continue the narrative. The first line is: 'It was only then I realised things were not quite as they seemed.' You can handwrite it in your books or type it on a computer. Use the sheet attached and the success criteria to help you. I want to see:

-lots of interesting adjectives

-Adverbs (ly words)

-Exciting sentence starters

-Accurate punctuation including semi colons, dashes and brackets

Topic- Play this game to see how many parts of the eye you can remember:

Then watch this video to learn how the eye sees light. 

Next, go through the PowerPoint to learn about how we see in more detail.

Finally, complete the task I have set for you on the sheet attached called 'How We See'.