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Team Chamberlain (Yr 4)

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  • Last day finish time

    Published 15/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    Just a reminder that on the last day of term, Friday 19th July, school will finish at 2pm.

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  • Tuesday fun

    Published 15/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    As tomorrow will be the children's last day in Team Chamberlain, they can bring in games they would like to play with each other. However, nothing electric or that needs batteries!

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  • Water fight mayhem...

    Published 10/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    Team Chamberlain had an absolute blast getting each other soaked today. They were also insanely good at getting Mr Chamberlain drenched within about 20 seconds!

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  • Library visits and cards

    Published 09/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    In September we will be making regular class visits to Newington Library. The children will have the opportunity to meet with the librarian, use library resources and borrow books to bring home and read. If your child already has a KCC library card, they can bring this along on their visit. If your child does not have a library card, you can either sign up for this at your local KCC library or you can fill in the attached and return to us before the end of term and we will pass this along to Newington Library.

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  • Summer Reading Challenge

    Published 09/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    The Reading Agency and libraries are excited to introduce the 2024 Summer Reading Challenge, Marvellous Makers! Children can visit the library to take part, or visit the Summer Reading Challenge website to take part digitally. The Summer Reading Challenge runs in Kent from Saturday 6 July to Saturday 7 September and aims to keep children reading over the summer. We will hold a special assembly to celebrate the participants when we return to school in September. Visit our Marvellous Makers page for more information, recommended reads, online activities and more!

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  • Bag reminder...

    Published 08/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    Please remember to send your child in with a strong carrier bag this week so they can carry their work home easily.

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  • Stuff to bring in...

    Published 08/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    Team Chamberlain are starting a building project this week so if you have any of the following at home that your child can bring it, it would be much appreciated:

    Cuttable cardboard (cereal boxes)

    Toilet and kitchen towel rolls


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  • Water Fight

    Published 05/07/24, by Joshua Cialis

    Next Wednesday is RAPS Fun Day where every year group, as per tradition, has a water fight! Year 4 will join the fun too!

    If your child would like to join in, please can we ask that they also come to school dressed in clothing that is quick to dry and comfortable/safe for them to wear in a water fight - shorts, a t-shirt and sensible shoes. They are going to get very wet if previous years are anything to go by! 

    They will also need to bring a change of clothes in a waterproof bag so that they can change straight into dry clothing after their water fight, along with a towel, underwear and anything else they might need!

    All children are invited to bring in their own named water pistol if they would like to as well. The school will also provide some to use. 

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  • A furry visitor...

    Published 03/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    Team Chamberlain were thrilled to welcome the impossibly cute Bandit to our classroom yesterday. Tallulah wanted to introduce him to all her friends and, it's fair to say, he was a big hit with everyone!

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  • Bags, bags, bags!

    Published 02/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    It's that time of year again when we start sending things home in preparation for the new academi year.

    Next week, please send your child in with a strong carrier bag to put their books, artwork and various other bits and bobs in to take home.

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  • Kent Music

    Published 02/07/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    Today we were visited by Chris from Kent Music.

    Chris performed lots of songs we recognised and demonstrated how to play the guitar. Chris has lots of slots available next year from September for guitar and drum lessons. If you are interested, you can use the links below to find out more. Kent music also offers instrument hire and some families may be eligible for up to 75% off lesson costs with their financial assistance scheme. 

    Sign up for lessons -

    Instrument hire -

    Financial assistance -

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  • Spellings

    Published 28/06/24, by Seb Chamberlain

    The spellings being sent home this week are:













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