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Team Bullard (Yr 3)

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  • Our beautiful world !

    Published 23/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    Check out year 3's collage responses to 'The Wild' .

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  • Sunflower summary !

    Published 20/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    Last week of term 5 and here we are !

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  • Viking Games

    Published 17/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    Viking Games.

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  • Warm weather

    Published 17/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    Whether the weather....

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  • Science this week...

    Published 15/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    Today we looked at how some fruit and vegetable seeds are stored and how likely it is that they will be dispersed through gravity, water, eat and excrete, catching a lift or wind. The children debated and sorted the pictures into the zones they felt would give the fruit or vegetable the best chance of reproducing.


    Alongside this, we also had a look at some real fruit and veg to compare the sizing and placement of seeds.

    A lesson thoroughly enjoyed by all even if we did have sticky fingers and tables by the end !


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  • The Wild

    Published 14/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    This week, in English and Reading, we will be looking at a new book, 'The Wild'.  Year 3 will be recreating this story as a comic strip complete with sound effect bubbles, thought bubbles and speech bubbles. This will continue on into next week as we delve deeper into the themes, bring to life our characters and flourish with illustrations.


    We will also be bringing to an end our science experiment and drawing a conclusion about how the amount of water affects the growth of a plant... pictures to come later in the week ! 

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  • Spellings Week 5

    Published 09/05/24, by Kate Maclean

    Please see below this week's spellings

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  • Love to Learn

    Published 09/05/24, by Kate Maclean

    Please see below the love to learn for this term!

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  • The Green Ship

    Published 09/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    As we come to the end of week 4 of this term, the children have been working hard to complete their neat write-up of their adventure stories. We have been looking at what we can add to our narratives to bring the stories to life. This has included some beautiful fronted adverbials and subordinate conjunctions as well as a healthy dashing of adventurous adverbs and adjectives.  

    We will be adding the neat copies to our year 3 display in school to show off the incredible effort of our budding authors. 

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  • Wellbeing

    Published 07/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    Hope you've all had a good bank holiday weekend !

    Ms.Elliott has forwarded the following message to teachers to share with you all.

    My Happy Mind is an NHS backed, evidence- based organisation offering Wellbeing and Mental Health advice for parents and carers, to help them support their children. 

    Use the link below to access free podcasts about Resilience, Separation Anxiety, Establishing Boundaries and Facing Difficult Times. 



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  • Computing and Maths

    Published 03/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    We have had a lot of fun these past couple of weeks in computing in year 3 getting to grips with editing, adding to and animating PowerPoint presentations. 


    We have finished our unit on measurement in Maths and are now heading onto fractions. To help with this, please make use of these websites and games to boost your child's recall of multiplication facts. All areas of Maths are improved by having an understanding of multiplication, but we particularly notice this when it comes to fractions.

    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone ! 

    Our rolling numbers song - Year 3 Rolling Numbers - YouTube

    Array Display || Models multiplication and The Commutative Law in multiplication (

    Times Tables Truckers- bar model multiplication and division (





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  • Water Transportation !

    Published 01/05/24, by Beth Bullard

    In year 3 this week we have been looking at the different functions of stems, roots and leaves in helping plants to repair and grow. Pictured above is our celery experiment using food colouring and water to see how water is transported throughout the plant. This afternoon we had a look at the results and were able to see the holes and track the channels of the water being transported through the celery stick. 

    For the next few weeks we are also seeing the effect of the amount of water on plant growth... our windowsills in class are full of experiments lately and the children are loving checking on them each morning. Watch this space for the results!

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