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School Dinners

Ramsgate Arts Primary School works closely alongside Principals so that we can cater for children with allergies. Any allergies must be communicated directly to the school office team so the Principals team can ccommodate your child’s needs.

All KS1 children including Reception children are entitled to a free school meal every day. If your child is in KS1 or Reception you will not need to pay for meals. If your child is in KS2 (year 3 – 6) you will need to pay for meals online. Please visit Principals' website to buy meals online.

The new menu commences the week beginning the 31st August 2020, with the first day back being the 3rd of September. It is a rolling menu so once Week 3 has ended it it will go back round to Week 1.

Week 1 can be downloaded here.

Week 2 can be downloaded here.

Week 3 can be downloaded here.

To view our menus and pack lunch menus click on the attachments below.