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Topic this term

Take a look at what will be learning this term in Topic- Also, CHRISTMAS!!

This term our Topic is called 'Our Heroes'. We have been focussing on our real life superheroes who help us within our community; Police officers, Vets, Teachers, Lollypop ladies/men, Firefighters, Postmen/women- This will end with our Dinky Town visit on 17th November, where all children will get the chance to dress up and use their imaginations to become real life superheroes.

This will continue on to speak about fictional superheroes- moving onto our superhero day! 

Finally- It's obviously CHRISTMAS! You will get the chance to come and visit our Christmas Carol Concert (Dates to confirm) Following with a Christmas craft afternoon!- In saying this, if anybody has any left over Christmas decorations that they may be sending to the charity shop, please could we have these to make a magical Christmas classroom during this time. We also need a Christmas tree for our classroom if anybody is getting a new one and theirs needs a new home. 

Thank you in advance.