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Reading Round Up!

Yet another weekly update on the sounds we have been through this week. 

It's seemed like a long week this week, the days are getting shorter and everyone is very tired! We are certainly all in need of a restful half term.

We've nearly come to the end of 'phase 1' in our phonics - this means we should be able to sound out some simple words, like cat/mat/pin/wet, and the next stage is to begin writing these words. As we are coming towards the end of this phase we've been assessing the sounds the children can recall and use. There are 31 sounds altogether in phase 1 so it's a lot!

Next week, I'll send home a couple of sounds with each child, it would be great if you could put these somewhere they can be seen, like a kitchen cupboard, and each day just ask your child what the sound is. It doesn't need to be any more work than that, I really don't want it to be more than a few seconds each day but it would just really help the children to remember those sounds specific to them. 

I'm always happy to chat to any parents at the end of the day if you wanted to ask me about this or anything else. We do have parents evening coming up though; we can have a proper catch up about your child's progress and how they're settling in then, I'm really looking forward to meeting with you all. 

Sounds this week - 

j -

v -

y -

w -

z -

Sorry it's a particularly long blog, hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs W