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Our new RWI groups have been working well. 

 I hope your child has been talking positively about their new RWI group - that's if they've told you anything about their day at all!! I also hope the e-books have worked okay...I haven't heard anything to suggest otherwise so I'm hopeful - I'm keen to hear any feedback, positive or otherwise so do share. 

The children in the picture above are in my RWI group and we have been working with 'ditties'. A ditty is the piece of paper in the picture; it's a short story. We do three spellings each day in our books, read through a story and then write a sentence in our books. I have been SO impressed with the attitude to learning, how keen the children have been to write and how capable they are with it. I've also had such great feedback from other teachers about children in Team Welvens, well done all!

We've introduced 'red words', these are words that cannot be sounded out, they don't make phonetic sense, 'the' is a red word that we've learnt. Others include: I, said, was. They're also words that appear quite often in written and spoken language. 

As always, do talk to me if you have any questions about phonics, it's a minefield! I do know the account @thephonicsfairy on Instagram is great for parents with children learning phonics, I will keep my eye out for any others - shout if you've seen any good accounts/resources I can share with other parents.