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Dinosaur eggs!

Yes, it's true! We do have CCTV footage of dinosaurs leaving eggs on the field! 

We went out to play as normal, came back into class and sat down ready for our topic lesson, all very normal until...Mrs Featherson ran into class and interrupted our lesson to tell us off for being on the playground! We didn't realise that Mr Budge had sent an email to say no one could play outside today because there were dinosaurs on the field - hadn't we seen the CCTV footage he'd emailed us?! We then looked at the emails and saw the footage...screenshot attached. 

Before the video had even finished, Team Welvens were up and ready to run out onto the playground to see the dinosaurs!! Out on the field we found a nest with two eggs in, the babies had already hatched and gone! 

We ran back into class to share what we'd seen, we then decided to write to Mr Budge and tell him what had happened! 

(most of) The children loved the whole experience but a couple were a little upset at the thought of dinosaurs on the playground, we've assued them that now we've found the nest they won't come back!