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Addition- adding more

Maths today!

We are still looking at addition and today focused on "add more". 

Children build on their understanding of addition as they explore the structure of “adding more”. The focus is on increasing one quantity by a given amount, while continuing to work within 10.

We use  “first, then, now” stories to help to build their understanding. For example, “First Rosie has 3 pencils. Then she is given 2 more pencils. How many pencils does she have now?”

If you like, you can practice this on your walks by finding some leaves and asking children how many there are.

Now find some more leaves. Ask children how many more you have found.

Ask children how many there are in total.

Get children to tell a story about what has happened.

First there were ___ leaves.

Then____ more leaves were added.

Now there are ____ leaves.

If you try this, we would love to hear about it on the door in the morning or afternoon. :)