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A tasty English Lesson!

See what some of us got up to in English today!

We launched into our new English unit on recipes (instruction writing) the best way we know how… by following one!

When we came into the classroom, there was bread, butter, jam and utensils all on the tables! Miss Maclean said she had forgotten how to make a jam sandwich and needed the children to give her instructions on how to make one.

We realised very quickly that we needed to be specific – giving clear and concise instructions, otherwise Miss Maclean ended up very messy (mainly covered in butter!)

Once we had given the correct instructions, we wrote out the recipe all together, with the clear steps needed, involving all the features we learned about yesterday!

After this, we then followed our recipe to make our own jam sandwiches!

This will help us get ready to plan our own recipes later this week for Krindlekrax!