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Reading+Space Day

Information- Please read.

Your child should have come home yesterday with their second home challenge. Our topic this term is all about Space, therefore we are going to be holding a space day. We apologise for another dressing up day, however we all love to dress up! If your child hasn't come home with their challenge in their love to learn book this will be because they haven't brought them back to school after our Superhero challenge. Please could you bring these in so we can stick their next challenge in. 

Your children will also be coming home today with a reading record, inside is a note to explain about the online reading books and how they work. Please still write down if your child has read these books or not. Your child is assigned one book per week to really deepen their comprehension and reading skills throughout this week. Please speak to your children about the books as well as asking questions along the way. There will be a quiz at the end for them to complete also. Enjoy!