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Reading round up!

This week we have started phonics, next week we are starting parent reading sessions in class.

Each day we learn a different sound - the videos below give you an idea as to how we teach these sounds and what the sounds actually sound like. Once we have played some games with the sound, we then have a go at writing it. Lots of our activities throughout the day will include and element of reading/writing the sounds. Any extra support at home would really benefit the children and help to reinforce the learning in school.

We're also sending 'reading for pleasure' books home today, these are books that the children choose independently from the book corner/library. Please read the book with your child and make a note of this in the reading record. 

From Weds 20th Sept, we are starting our parent reading sessions in class. You're welcome to come into school, through the office at 2:40pm, and share a book with your child.  We look forward to seeing you then if you can make it, we apologise if this time doesn't work for you. 

The children have been absolutely amazing this week, they really took being in school for full days in their stride. Have a lovely weekend, see you Monday morning. 

Reception Team 




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