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Phonics Games

We love playing phonics games on the computer!

At the end of our phonics sessions - when the children have worked very hard and need a little break - I put on a game and they think we're not learning anything. Little do they know it's a phonics game and I've tricked them into more learning!! 

I've checked the website on a tablet and it still works in a browser, it's just a really lovely game to play to reinforce sound knowledge. The picture attached shows the choice of sounds; we have covered all the sounds but some children will be much more confident in set 1 or 2.

The website is and there are lots of wonderful games on there. We often use it for maths games too, especially shapes!

Also - @thephonicsfairy on Instagram is a great account to follow if you use instagram. She aims to 'demystify phonics for parents' and has lots of inspiration for games etc.

I am always available to be asked any questions about phonics (or anything school related) at any time - in class during morning drop off/on the gate in the afternoon/by email

Mrs W.