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Activity Time & Chatty Snack

We love our snacks!

The children have been enjoying the activity time session, we have more focussed activities for the children to engage in. We have been linking these activities to turn taking, speech and communication, as well as fine motor skills - so we have strong finger muscles to write with!

During our activity time, a small group of children also prepare our snack for 'chatty sack time'. We have introduced this because we've found the children get quite hungry throughout the day. We are still finding that even with fruit and chatty snack, the children are still hungry! You are always welcome to send in snacks in your child's bookbags for throughout the day, one for the morning and one for the afternoon would be ideal. 

Guidance on snacks from a previous school newsletter: Please can snacks brought to school be healthy – fruit, vegetables, cereal bars, popcorn, we do not consider crisps, cakes, pastries, chocolate confectionary or sweets to be an appropriate healthy snack and therefore cannot be eaten during the school day. Please remember we have children with severe nut and egg allergies - so no eggs or nuts!