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This week in English...

This week in English we have been learning about biographies! Can you remember what a biography is?

If you can't remember, it's a non-fiction text about someone's life!

Biographies usually include:

  • date and place of birth (and death, if they're not alive any more)
  • current location of residence.
  • educational background.
  • professional experience.
  • area of expertise.
  • major achievements.

Main features of the text are:

  • titles and subtitles.
  • written in the past tense.
  • written in paragraphs.
  • using pronouns.
  • using pictures.


Think about your favourite famous person. This could either be a footballer, singer, band, film star, poet, author etc.

Can you either find or write a biography about this person? You could look online, visit your local library, or even find a documentary!

If you fancy the challenge, pop them in your love to learn books, we would love to see them!