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Glitter Jars!

See our wonderful creations from Neurodiversity Week!

This week we have been talking a lot about neurodiversity and how everybody's brains work differently.

We were also talking a lot about big emotions and ways in which we can deal with this.

Enter: glitter jars!

A glitter jar is a little bit like a snow globe!​ We can use them to calm our minds when we get overwhelmed.​ The idea is, you feel a strong emotion, you take your jar, shake, watch and wait.​ By the time all the glitter reaches the bottom, you will have calmed enough to find your happy place or enough to now talk logically about your feelings! 

As a basis for our jars, and as we were focusing on traditional tales for the main theme of the week, every child picked their traditional tale and based their jars on this.

A HUGE thank you for everybody who donated jars! We could not have made these without you!