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Maths - Money!

We have been learning about money for the last few weeks!

The last couple of weeks we have been looking at money.

Any extra practise at home would be SUPER helpful as this is an area that many children have found challenging.

Here is a really helpful game that supports with coin recognition, paying for things and giving change.

In class, we have been following these steps to solve money addition and subtraction.

Step 1: look at the amounts of money you have.

Step 2: convert both amounts to pence

(remembering that there are 100p in £1. So is £1.52 is 153p, for example)

Step 3: check the operation, are you adding or subtracting? If you are subtracting, the largest number must come first.

Step 4: solve using the column method (borrowing from a neighbour or using magic box)

Step 5: convert your answer back into £ and p.


Good luck!