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Times Table Challenge

From Term 3, the children will begin to do times table challenges on a Friday!

We are beginning to prepare the children for the Times Table check that happens at the end of Year 4.

The times tables check is administered at the end of Year 4 and helps teachers and school leaders identify which pupils are secure in their multiplication tables and which pupils may need additional support to get there.

You can find some really useful information about the times table check on this website, and what you can be doing at home to support them:,%2C%2011%2C%2012%20times%20tables. 

From next term, every Friday, the children will be taking part in a times table 3 minute challenge to earn exciting badges. When they complete a challenge and get all of the answers correct, they will earn the badge and move onto the next times table. It is the children's responsibilities to choose which times table they are working on, for example, one week they may try to earn their 3x table badge, and 4x table once they have completed it. The children will need to practise these at home, as we do not have time in the school day to practise these outside our Maths sessions.

If you need any extra resources to help practise with your child, please let us know! You can also be using Times Tables Rock Stars to support.

We look forward to seeing the children become experts in their times tables!