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Sports Day !

Sports day info and additional items.

A new week is here and with it some beautiful summer weather !


We are excited to welcome you tomorrow for sports day and have a few reminders to help you, and the children, stay safe and have fun during the activities. 

Firstly, please send children in with the following:

  • Suncream (applied on them already and back up in their bag).
  • Hats ( the weather is due to be very warm so sun protection is advised).
  • Water bottles (labelled)
  • House colour T-shirt

We are more than happy for you to interact with your children during the day but children will need an adult member of staff to accompany them to the toilet and not their adult from home. 

The children are very excited about tomorrow, and we hope you are too, as we encourage them into a bit of healthy competition and much needed fun in the sun :) 


Additional items:

Last week I had a word with the children about their naming my communication log book the 'book of shame'. This is not a name I have given and, though the children jested this phrase, it is not something I wish for it to be known as at all. As I am fairly new to the school and do not see the arts teachers at the end of the day to check how the class has been. As such, we thought it best as a team to communicate via the log, noting down bad and good behaviour displayed by Team Bullard. Consistency is key to them being able to flourish in all areas of the curriculum, including the arts, thus the need for a log book. 

Many thanks for your continued cooperation and support,

Apologies for any misunderstandings,