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RAPS Diversity Week

In the last week of term, RAPS will be holding their first ever Diversity Week. This will be an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the ways in which different cultures and people can influence and enrich our lives. Each year group will be studying an artist, sports person, or musician from diverse backgrounds and creating a piece of work influenced by them. In Year 4 we will be exploring the work of Jimi Hendrix. The children will also have opportunities to take part in different workshops throughout the week.

Children throughout the school will be building lanterns to participate in the Newington Festival Lights Festival. On Friday 20th October, the Parade will meet at 5pm at Newington Community Centre. The parade will move through the town to RAPS for a firework display at 7pm. This should be an amazing evening of music, art and celebration of diversity. It will be great to see as many children with their adults on the Friday.