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Roar Project 2023

Team Pressley did a phenomenal job during this years Roar Project.

As you may know from our blog early at the start of term one, Team Pressley have been involved in the ROAR Project. The whole of Year 5 worked in groups to develop a new world-changing,  show-stopping idea. The children had excellent imaginations and created some incredible posters and prototypes for their products and businesses. Mr Pressley, Mrs Aldred and the whole Year 5 team couldn't be prouder of the hard work Team Dannell put into their presentations, and it was clear to see that all their hard work since the start of September had paid off. 

Well done to the three teams who presented to the judges and parents today. Presenting in front of a room of almost 60 people is not easy! Everyone in Team Pressley should be so proud of themselves. 

Congratulations to the overall winners chosen by the judges on the day for their SADL heart monitor/digital friend - Juno, Tommy, Esme, Eva and Barnaby.

Well done on the brilliant Roar Project 2023 Team Pressley.