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Love to Learn T2

There are two pieces of love to learn this term!

The first is all about our science topic, 'Forces'.  

We have been learning about forces this week such as gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. Your Love to Love is to investigate the effects of air resistance and gravity. A helicopter hovers in the air as its propellers rotate. Use the template and follow the instructions to create a paper helicopter that spins as it slowly falls to the ground. Time how long your paper helicopter takes to fall to the ground. Can you make a new paper helicopter that falls more slowly? Think about the forces of gravity and air resistance and how you can use them the helicopter fall slower. Draw a picture of your new helicopter below and explain how you made it fall slower. (See sheet attached).  This one is compulsory and due by Monday 11th, children are aware of the expectations regarding this. 

The second is about collective nouns. (See sheet). 

We have been learning about collective nouns in reading. Collective nouns are often connected to a characteristic of the group of things they refer to. For example the word swarm means to move or gather in large numbers’. A swarm of bees Invent your own collective nouns for 10 of the groups of things below. Think about how the things move, act or how people respond to them. For example you could have a chatter or children or a wave of surfers.