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Science Day

Click here to read all about our science day. 

Science day has been a great success in Team Pressley. The children arrived and were so eager to get started. 

Firstly, we researched scientific facts. Afterwards, we mixed materials, observing the changes when we mixed various salts with lemon, vinegar and water (see if your child can remember what the salts were). 

Following this, we played with magnets, creating our own maze games. The children were brilliant at supporting one another and playing one another's games. 

Then we made a whole class lava lamp with effervescent tablets, vegetable oil, and water. 

Finally, this afternoon, the children were left to read instructions on a density of liquid experiment and then poured them into measuring tubes to create an awesome lollipop pattern. 

We have learnt so much today and it has been so much fun exploring all things science!