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Neurodiversity Week Success

Team Pressley have had an excellent week exploring Neurodiversity and inclusion. 

Mrs Aldred and I have been really impressed with the work, questioning and enjoyment throughout Neurodiversity week. Monday kicked things off as we began delving into ADHD and what it meant to be neurodiverse. 

Tuesday Year 5 were lucky enough to go to Newington Community Centre and take part in an inclusion/anxiety drama-based workshop led by Inspiration Creative, which was fantastic. 

Wednesday we had our silent disco! Check out our other blog post for pictures and stand out dancers. 

On Thursday we continued reading our book of the week, Small Things by Lisa Thompson. I was touched by the emotional connection the children made with the characters Ellie and Anna - ask Team Pressley what happened and why we were so emotional as the book came to an end. 

Finally, today we got to celebrate our success in assembly, share what we've learnt and any final tips or tricks we have to help focus or release energy that may distract us. We sang and signed in the hall with all of KS2 and performed poetry about the small things in life which we are grateful for. 

Ask Team Pressley to show you a breathing technique or what chocolate bar they'd like to be today.


Mr Pressley