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Kent Test

On Thursday of this week, the Kent Test (also known as the 11+ or PESE) will be taking place in year 6...

Most of the information regarding this test will have gone out at the end of year 5, however here are a few details about the day.

On the day, those who have registered to take the test will go with Mr Williams to the Art room just before 9am. The main elements of the Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning and the spatial awareness will all be tested in the morning along with the maths paper. In the afternoon, there is a written task - that is only used in the case of an appeal. On this day, Year 6 will be having an early lunch so that we will be able to complete all tasks and still have time for a bit of a relax before the children go swimming in the Arts Curriculum.

As it is an outside examination, there will be an external invigilator who will come from another school to ensure that the correct processes and timings and adhered to and thus ensure fairness for all.

The exact timings of the tests are not yet known as they can change year-on-year,  but we do suggest you get your child familiarised with the style of questions beforehand as they are unlike any other tests undertaken at school.

For those who are not taking the test, we will be consolidating learning in class across maths, English, reading and RE. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!