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Next Week...

As you are surely aware, next week is 'SATS Week', when the year 6 pupils are undertaking the end of key stage, national tests...

We have spoken to the children at length this week, so try to put them at ease and ensure that nothing about next week comes as too much of a surprise.

The tests will occur between Monday and Thursday (with our topic-based Field Trip to Blean Woods taking place on the Friday). On most days there is no more than an hour of testing.

Monday - Punctuation and Grammar Paper (45 minutes) and Spelling Paper (20words)

Tuesday - Reading Paper (60 minutes)

Wednesday - Arithmetic Paper (30 minutes) and Reasoning Paper (40 minutes)

Thursday - Another Reasoning Paper (40 minutes)

All week, the pupils will be in the same room. We will be using the Year 6 classroom, the spare year 6 classroom, the Art room and the Dance studio. This is because some of the pupils are entitled to a reader (only for the PaG and Maths Reasoning papers) or extra time (25% additional time).

To encourage everybody to get in promptly, enable pupils to have a filling breakfast and create a sense of camaraderie, we are offering a SATS week breakfast (Mon-Thurs). On offer will be a fry-up as well as a range of cereals and fruit. Please ensure children are in school for 7:55, as we will head over to the school hall together at 8.

We have tried to get across the message to the children that they are national tests, so should be taken seriously and the children should try their hardest; HOWEVER we do NOT want the children to put too much pressure on themselves or get upset or stressed by them. If they give 100%, that is all we can ask.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email a member of the year 6 team.