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Love to Learn

During term 5 our topic will be Ready, Steady, Grow.

At school we will be growing different plants and vegetables, we'd love for that to continue at home. 
Please keep a growing diary of a plant you've grown from seed. If you need some inspiration, a sunflower is always a good plant to grow! Keep the diary in your Love to Learn books, we'll collect these back in during the last week of term to share with the class.

I'll get the Love to Learn books back to you after the Easter holidays. Just wanted to give you a heads up for this if you wanted to crack on with any gardening over the break. 

We will also have some plants that we will be looking after for the Wilderness to Wonderland gardening group. They will be dropping these plants into us the first week back and we will be caring and growing them over the term, in school. The aim is to then give these back to the group for them to be planted during the May half-term where the group will invite families to help plant them. More info to follow for all of that!