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Our new topic...

People and Places. 

This week we've started our new, and final, topic - People and Places. During the course of this topic we will look at the environment, how we can look after our planet, how our communities work together and how we can be a valuable member of our school community. 

We've mainly been looking at Sir David Attenborough so far, discussing how he educates people on the environment and animals within it. We've watched a couple of clips from Blue Planet - ones that I can guarantee there is nothing upsetting or stomach-turning in, if you feel your child would enjoy watching this at home then I know they will be very engaged in it. (Mr Welvens has a ban on me watching it at home as I get far too upset at the animals dying/fighting/etc)

We've also been talking about recycling and waste; how we can limit waste and responsibly dispose of waste. Please involve your child in any recycling at home, we've been reinforcing using the correct recycling bin in class so they should be quite knowledgable!