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Sunflower summary !

Last week of term 5 and here we are !

Year 3 have been patiently and excitedly watching the sunflowers grow day by day and week by week. 

Though not flowering yet, we've had a whooping 26cm of growth in one of our pots ! With the rest also well on their way.

We measured and peer reviewed each other today to make sure our findings were as accurate as they could be.


The children saw that all amounts of water contributed to plant growth but that the 80ml pot had the most growth. Conclusion, too little water and too much water can affect the rate of plant growth.


We will be keeping our sunflower seedlings on our windowsill into next term as I think it is only right that they see the fruits of their labour. 


Children, some questions to think about:

  • What other variables could we change to alter plant growth?
  • What do plants need to survive?
  • What is MRS.NERG?
  • What experiments could you do at home?