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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

RAPS Star Monday

Drum roll please...


I have been so impressed with Ollie's learning over the weekend. :) Mummy has been very creative and look at the amazing den Oliver and his brother, Fred made! 

Ollie is still doing his sounds and read, write inc every day and mummy makes it really fun for him! His handwriting is AMAZING!!!

He has also grown some sea monkeys. Ollie has drawn a diagram and described in his own words the life cycle and how they have grown.They made up their own music lessons, from songs, dances and wake and shake which the boys both do at school and nursery which was good fun!

Olivermade bunting, and flags to put in the window and balcony. Mummy explained about little Nanny and all her friends that served for our country many years ago, & how we are now celebrating 75 years! They had a lovely afternoon tea and watched the queen in the television!  

It all sounds like a lovley weekend to me. Check out the pictures below. Well done Ollie (and Fred). 


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