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Friday's maths - 5/6/20

Sometimes I get asked when do you ever use maths outside of school, but I would say it is the subject you use the most...

Meeting someone? Need to be able to tell and read time.  Going to the shops? Need to be able to add, subtract multiple money. Playing a game of pool? Need to work out angles. Baking or cooking? Need to be able to read scales and measure. All the time we are using maths and maybe not knowing. One time I am using maths is when I play darts. When playing darts, you throw three darts at a board and add them up to see what you scored. Watch the video and see how quickly (and accurately you can add up the totals. PAUSE the video after each set of 3 darts to give yourself a chance to add them together.

Remember, you can add the numbers in any order, you don’t always have to add them in the order they are thrown!

If you have a board at home (AND AN ADULT’S PERMISSION) why not throw some yourself, or get an adult to throw so you can add up and have fun at the same time.