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Monday's maths - 8/6/20

Morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend! For maths today, I would like you to have a go at estimating answers and checking them using the inverse...

You guys are really good at using the column method for both addition and subtraction, however it is important to know if you have made a mistake or not. It is easy to leave it to an adult to check, but to be more independent (or to use one of our school values - Autonomous) it is better if you can check yourself.

Estimating is where you get an idea of what your answer should be close to.

Inverse is where you use the opposite to check. So, if you did an addition calculation, you would use subtraction to check as this is the opposite.

Watch this video clip then try to answer the questions attached:

The first sheet asks you to practise giving estimates.

The second sheet has a mixture of addition and subtraction. Step one, solve the calcuation, then step 2 is to use the inverse to check.