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Home Learning, Tuesday 28th April

Please see below for Tuesday's home learning.

Good morning everyone. Loving Charlie N's description of our village in the marsh, some great vocabulary and devices there Charlie. Here is your suggested learning for today.

Maths: Today we will do something a little different, please find attached an arithmetic test. I think it's a good idea to keep our basic skills up to date, so I'd like you to have a go at this for me today. Parents and carers, the answers are attached too.

Reading: Attached is the next chapter of our class novel. Read through pages 27-30 (attached) and then see if you can answer the following questions.

1.What is the name of the school that Jeff and Bradley attend?

2.What name is Jeff often called?

3.What do you think the word friendship means?

4.Do you agree with Carla that the way to be friends is to talk, be honest and share your feelings?

5.In your opinion, what makes a good friend?

English: Following on from our Shakespeare week, I'd like you to have a try at a reading comprehension about Shakespeare. There are three sets of questions in increasing levels of difficulty. Choose the set of questions that you feel will provide you with the best challenge!

Topic: IK how seeds are dispersed.

When a plant reproduces it must get its seeds as far away from the parent plant as it can. This way the seeds do not have to compete with the parent plant for resources such as minerals, water and sunlight. Plants have developed many ingenious ways of doing this.

Have a look through the Powerpoint about seed dispersal that I have attached. Then have a go at the sorting activity where you will need to match the seed with the way that it is dispersed. If you don't have a printer that's fine, just divide your page up into the different methods of dispersal and write the name of each type of seed under the correct heading.