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Home Learning, Monday 13th July

Good morning, I hope that the weekend was good for all of you. So, today I will have some of you back in class for the morning and I can't wait. I will still put some suggested learning up for you today as not all of you will be in and some of you may choose to carry on doing some more activities in the afternoon when you are back at home. Therefore, for those that need it, please find today's learning below.

PE: Active Rainbow Challenge

Kent School Games Organisers along with some district partnerships have created a challenge booklet (Active Rainbow Challenge) whereby children can earn a KSG medal. I am attaching the booklet as a PDF. Some of the challenges require printing, some do not. Take a look through the booklet and see if you can start your Active Rainbow Challenge today.

Mental Maths: Times Tables Sort

Maths: IALT represent an interval across zero on a number line

Today we will explore calculations that result in a negative number and then solve problems involving negative numbers in the context of goal difference in football results and under-par in golf scores.

English: IALT identify and correct homophones

A  set of spelling activities for you today. Attached you will find a set of worksheets concentrating on homophones. Can you remember what a homophone is?

Topic: This week we are going to start thinking about next year. Normally we would have plenty of time for transition. Time to look back at Year 5 and look forward to Year 6. However, this year we have mostly been stuck at home, or certainly not had time in school.

Today I want you to think about Year 5 and write down for me the following:

  1. What topic did you most enjoy and why?
  2. What was your favourite piece of writing in English?
  3. What was your favourite topic in Maths?
  4. What was your favourite thing that you did in the Arts Curriculum?
  5. What was your favourite memory from Year 5?
  6. Who were good friends to you in Year 5?
  7. What topic in Year 5 did you least enjoy and why?
  8. If you could make any changes for the Year 5 pupils next year to what we covered,, what would they be?
  9. Anything else you would like to say about Year 5?

I look forward to seeing some of your ideas via email or Padlet. Have fun!