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Wednesday 8th July 2020

Rapid Recap: Arrays 

At a glance, counting in 2s, 5s or 10s how many are in each array? 

1) **           2)  OOOOO      3) x x x x x x x x x x           4)  / / 
     **                OOOOO           x x x x x x x x x x                / / 

I am learning to use arrays to solve division problems 

Last week we used arrays to solve multiplication problems, this week we shall use them for division!! They are a great visual way to problem solve. 

Go through the PowerPoint Arrays --- Division then have a go at the work sheet attached below. 

Have fun! 


English Can I ask questions to improve my understanding of a text? 

Look at the pages I have attached below (Questioning). Ada begins to ask a lot of questions once she finally feels able to speak out loud. 
Your task is to help her ask her questions as full sentences. 

She gives us lots of question words and question sentence starters. Can you use Ada’s question words, starters and the pictures to complete them into full sentences?  
What are the questions that she is asking about? What extra detail/vocabulary would you use to help her questions make sense? How would you word the questions? What would you like to find out? What is Ada trying to find out? 
Ada has started asking the questions, please complete as many of them as you can using all the question words (why, what, how, when, who) and the starters (e.g. What is it for?) across the three pages of the book to help you write your questions. What could it be in Ada’s questions? Rewrite the questions replacing it with more detail. 



All videos are released at 9:30am and will be available for 24 hours only.  


If you are unsure about which set to follow please don’t hesitate to email to ask and I will guide you   


Note: Please feel free to attempt the English tasks above on occasion too.   


Set 2 – ow as in ‘Blow the snow’ 
1) blow   2) snow  3) know 

Write these sentences using the focus sounds 

1) I know how to blow. 

2) When will it snow? 

Set 3 – ai as in ‘Snail in the rain.’ 
1)  brain  2) snail   3) daisy 

Write these sentences using the focus sounds   

1) Your brain is inside your skull and is an organ. 

2) Humans do not have tails or wings. 

Reading longer words – igh/ i-e 

Helpful links for parents and carers    

And don't forget Miss Spurrier’s speed sounds for extra practice (accessible at any time as an option)   

RWI Set 1 sounds    

RWI Set 2 sounds    

RWI Set 3 sounds   

Red words   

Level 1 Red words:   

Level 2 Red words:    

Level 3 Red words:   


Topic I know jobs in the local area. 

Get a large piece of paper if you have one, use chalk on the ground, a double page spread in your exercise books or whatever you have and create a spider diagram of all the jobs that you can think of in and around Ramsgate, Broadstairs Margate and all the villages in between. Write the Learning intention ‘I know jobs in the local area’ in the middle with a bubble around it, and like spiders legs draw lines leading out to all of your ideas (a bit like labels). 

To get you started, ask your adults if they do a job inside or outside of the home and what that job is called.