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Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Look at all our germs!

Today we could see the germs...

Today in Blue room we learnt all about the importance of washing our hands, how to wash our hands properly and how long for (counting to 20 or singing happy birthday to the germs). We know that we need to run our hands under water and turn the tap off, apply lots of soap, rub our palms, between our fingers, the backs of our hands and don't forget the thumbs. After this we can rinse off the soap and use one paper towel to dry them. We learnt that germs are everywhere and that we don't need to be scared of them as they are normal but we need to make sure we wash our hands regularly and avoid putting our fingers in our mouths, noses or other areas. We learnt about this in a fun way by one person starting with lots of glitter mixed with Vaseline on their hands (germs) and then shaking hands or high fiving the person next to them until we could see that everyone had shared germs. We then practised washing our hands using the new techniques we had learnt to get the glitter (germs) off. We even practised our counting to 20 at the same time!

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