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Hello again!

Welcome back to RAPs, a few reminders as we begin our second half of reception. 

Hello and welcome back! I hope you've all had a lovely half term, mine was restful and productive, a good combo I think. The sun already being out a bit more is bringing me joy and I am looking forward to getting stuck into a new topic with Team Welvens! 

Just a few things I need to remind and update you all on:

- We have sent home the spare clothes bags today, please refill these with ample spare clothes that fit and send them back in asap, thank you. 

- There is a Wingham trip planned for Wednesday 27th March, I want to get this letter to you as soon as I can. I'm just confirming details and prices with the coach company and Wingham. 

- Children can be dropped off at the gate and walk into class independantly, I think this will be a good thing to get into the hang off as we look towards moving into year 1. It also gets a bit busy in the cloakroom with lots of parents too! 

- The school gate is open 8:15am-8:30am. I do need to remind parents to be prompt with making sure you are out of the cloakroom and garden by 8:30am so the gate can close on time. 

- There is a curriculum letter pinned to the top of the blog page, this will give you key dates and information about the learning we will be engaging in throughout the term. 


As always I am here if you want to check anything or have any questions about the school day/any learning etc. Do let me know if you would like any extra information on any particular subject, I'm happy to do some detailed blogs if you feel that would be beneficial. Email here if you need me. 


Mrs W